Fundamental to the success of GTM is the mission to continually provide quality and service
that exceeds our customers increasing expectations. The company and our employees believe
that if we go beyond the expectations that are set by the customers that they will return to
GTM again and again. By returning to our company to provide products and services they ask
us to contribute to their successes. We are very proud that our customers trust us to help
them meet their customerís expectations.

That is why GTM has continued to provide better quality and better customer
service that it did just a few years ago.

        What we Value:
      Honesty and fairness are essential in the way we conduct business. We carry these values
      also to the way we interact with people. We strive to do what we say we will do, and we will
      keep our promises.

        Customer Satisfaction:
      Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone behind our success. We will exceed our customerís
      expectations through our strife for continuous improvement in quality, productivity and
      increased customer service. Our focus will always remain on providing the best service
      possible with compression of time and minimization of costs.

        Our Employees:
      Our employees have always been the foundation of our strength. The involvement and
      commitment of our employees are essential to our success. We are committed to provide our
      employees with the training, support and the tools to achieve excellence in customer

        Continuous Improvement:
      We will continue to strive for improvement in all aspects of our business.
      We will seek to better fulfill the requirements that are set before us.

Alternative Power Group
Grosse Tool & Machine is a member of the Alternative Power Group.
      A team of highly skilled and specialized business partners to handle
       all aspects of your project. We are diverse enough to handle any portion
      of your project or offer complete turn-key solutions.